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Installation cost varies based on the type of charger, distance from electrical panel, location of charger unit, difficulty and other factors. 
Basic installation starts at $385 for labor plus parts and permitting costs.  Call us directly at 973-669-4605 to get a rough estimate over the phone or to schedule a full project assessment to get a detailed on site estimate for your EV charger installation.  

Ok Option

Level 1 120V

Simple to set up, Short Term, Offers lowest form of charging around 3 miles gained per hour. Slow but functional if you have the time to wait

Better Option

NEMA 14-50 240V charger outlet

This set up will give you the ability to charge your electric vehicle at an approximate rate of 20 miles gained per hour

Best Option

Level 2   240V Permanent Charger

Fastest most convinient home charging solution available, can provide a charge rate of 30 or more gained miles per hour